Soma Disaster

We, as a nation, are very sorry for our losses in Soma, Manisa. Our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy. Nation mourning has been declared. Started yesterday and ends tomorrow.

ADD is not a concert, festival or any funny activity. In addition, even if ADD is a drop in the ocean, it has been aimed to be a positive contribution to our nation and world in terms of improvement and collaboration since it started. So

ADD is going to happen as scheduled on May 16, 17.

Gifts for attendees – Episode 2 –

Happy to announce – Episode 2 –

Gifts will be given away to winners” session unless specified explicity. If you don’t there and you win , sorry your gift will be given to another winner.

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Let’s get started again


  • Nexus 5: Just attend Paypal Keynote on Saturday between 10:15 – 10:45. A nexus 5 will be given to one of the attendees.


  • 4 x (Nokia X): Learn how easily is to port your Android app to Nokia X platform and monetize your app in Nokia Store with operator billing in more than 160 countries. Join 10 minute lightening talks from Nokia Technical Expert delivered during breaks at Nokia booth. And you may win one of 4 Nokia X devices if you port your Android app to Nokia X on spot. Just come to Nokia booth to learn how to do it.




galaxy_tab_3_lite_70 galaxy_tab_3_80
  • ADD Glasses and Android keychains: To win one of these swags please visit BTYaşam booth for details.
20140510_022602 20140510_141924
  • 30 Beacons:  To win one of them visit the GDG Booth and fill the form. 10 Beacons will be given away to people that fill the form in the first day. The other ones will be given away in hackathon and in the “Gifts will be given away to winners” session. Thank you Boni


smash_logo2 palme_logo2
  • Free Android Training: Visit GDG booth and fill the form to have chance to win a free android training. Thank you Vektorel Bilisim



Gifts for attendees. Phones, Tablets, Books and Swags – Episode 1-

It is a pleasure for us to announce these gifts for attendees. There will a second post about gifts in ADD. Gifts are planned to be given away in  “Gifts will be given away to winners” session unless specified explicity.

You need to register to ADD to have chance to get these gifts

Let’s get started

  • A HTC One and two double tickets for Babylon SoundGarden: Visit the HTC Booth, play the game to get a chance to win a HTC One and Babylon Soundgarden tickets .HTC One will be given in “Gifts will be given away to winners” session. SoundGarden tickets will be given away at the end of first day.


Nokia X

Alcatel OneTouch Pop 8

Discovery Tab8

Discovery 16GB
  • 100 Books from Pusula:. Thank you so much Pusula for your generousity. Books will be given away during the conference in sessions and some small contests in booth space.
254_buyuk 101_buyuk 87_buyuk
84_buyuk 89_buyuk 96_buyuk
  • Swags: Attendees can get a bag, notebook, pencil and a cup from registration desk.


Are you ready for the Mobile Hackathon @ ADD 2014? Updated: Prizes and Jury

Thank you so much Turkcell Geleceği Yazanlar, Nokia Developers, Alcatel One Touch and Microsoft for supporting this hackathon.

Registeration is open until May 7 Register through Eventbrite

Turkcell Geleceği Yazanlar-2-logo

Prizes: 2 Turkcell T402 Nokia X 2 Alcatel OneTouch Pop 81 Nokia Lumia 620

● 1st winner is going to have 3 any devices.
● 2nd winner is going to have 2 any devices left.
● 3rd winner is going to have 1 device left
● Jury special prize is Nokia Lumia 620

Görkem Çetin – Turkcell
Attilla Csipa – Nokia
● Hakan Gevher – Alcatel OneTouch

It is going to be platform independent in Mobile Hackathon which will be held under the Android Developer Days 2014.In the Mobile Hackathon teams can develop their applications in the scope which they want. Smart Cities, Internet of things, Wearables or whatever you want. Also platform independent(Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc)! You can develop in the platform whatever you want.
_DSC6543Mobile Hackathon starts on 16.05.2014 at 13:30(1:30 PM) and ends on 17.05.2014 at 13:30(1:30 PM). Foods and drinks will be supplied by our sponsors all along the 24 hours.If you want to meet new people, win prizes(prizes seems to be some smartphones and tables will be announced later), gain experience and share the excitement of the competition by joining the event, fill the form and register to Mobile Hackathon now!

Register Now:

Content: Participants develop their mobile apps in 24 hours from scratch

Venue: METU Congress and Culture Center, METU, Çankaya, ANKARA – TURKEY

Start : 05/16/2014 at 13:30

Finish : 05/17/2014 at 13:30

Duration: 24 hours

Details and Rules

● You can join with a team of up to three people to Mobile Hackathon.

● Mobil Hackathon will last 24 hours starting on May 16 at 13:30 at METU CCC and ending on May 17 at 13:30 am .

● First, second and a third teams will be given surprise gifts. Gifts will be announced later.

● All apps should be finished at the end of hackathon

● Jury will choose winners according to this criterias: Creativity, software quality, usability.

● Winners will be announced at the end of hackathon.

● Participants are expected not to leave the hackathon hall.

● Apps to be developed from scratch in 24 hours.

● Pre-written codes should not been used.

● All of the code should be written within the scope of Mobile Hackathon.

● Make sure that participants can find app idea or collect any raw data or learn how to implement the idea before the hackathon.

●All rights about the app or app idea belong to their developers or owners.

●Participants can use any third party library or source code etc.

● Participants can use any technology that they want.

● All drinks and foods will be provided for free during the hackathon.

● Competitiors should bring their own computers.

● Competitiors can fill the participation form until 00:00 on May 7, 2014.

● At the end of hackathon, resulting products may be added to an accessible network place in the desired format .

What is Hackathon?

Hackathon is event that persons who come together in a common interest in the subject in a limited time, they are trying to launch a product. Hackathons are usually related to the software has recently become very popular.In this hackathons, software developers and designers to come together one day to a week-long events during this time trying to launch a product.

Testimonials From Speakers

“ADD 2013 was a fantastic experience. Ankara has a great Android community and the conference is really well organized. The quality of the presentations, the friendly people and Turkish hospitality make this a conference you don’t want to miss! ” 

Dennis Ippel

“I never found such a remarkable list of speakers and exhibitors on a free event before.”

Leif Janzik

“I absolutely enjoyed the warm welcome, the pleasant setting, the professional organization, and of course the interesting presentations on all things Android.”

Eric Lafortune

“As for GDG manager Android Developer Days Ankara is example of how perfect event should look like, ideal combination of location, speakers and topics discussed plus unique friendly atmosphere.”

Vitaliy Zasadnyy

“I was flattered to have my session translated live in the auditorium and streamed on the internet.”

Paul Lammertsma

“I had the honor to join this great user organized Android event in 2013 and was blown away by the friendliness and the technical skills of the turkish Android community.”

Lars Vogel

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