Testimonials From Speakers

“ADD 2013 was a fantastic experience. Ankara has a great Android community and the conference is really well organized. The quality of the presentations, the friendly people and Turkish hospitality make this a conference you don’t want to miss! ” 

Dennis Ippel

“I never found such a remarkable list of speakers and exhibitors on a free event before.”

Leif Janzik

“I absolutely enjoyed the warm welcome, the pleasant setting, the professional organization, and of course the interesting presentations on all things Android.”

Eric Lafortune

“As for GDG manager Android Developer Days Ankara is example of how perfect event should look like, ideal combination of location, speakers and topics discussed plus unique friendly atmosphere.”

Vitaliy Zasadnyy

“I was flattered to have my session translated live in the auditorium and streamed on the internet.”

Paul Lammertsma

“I had the honor to join this great user organized Android event in 2013 and was blown away by the friendliness and the technical skills of the turkish Android community.”

Lars Vogel

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