Gifts for attendees – Episode 2 –

Happy to announce – Episode 2 –

Gifts will be given away to winners” session unless specified explicity. If you don’t there and you win , sorry your gift will be given to another winner.

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Let’s get started again


  • Nexus 5: Just attend Paypal Keynote on Saturday between 10:15 – 10:45. A nexus 5 will be given to one of the attendees.


  • 4 x (Nokia X): Learn how easily is to port your Android app to Nokia X platform and monetize your app in Nokia Store with operator billing in more than 160 countries. Join 10 minute lightening talks from Nokia Technical Expert delivered during breaks at Nokia booth. And you may win one of 4 Nokia X devices if you port your Android app to Nokia X on spot. Just come to Nokia booth to learn how to do it.




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  • ADD Glasses and Android keychains: To win one of these swags please visit BTYaşam booth for details.
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  • 30 Beacons:  To win one of them visit the GDG Booth and fill the form. 10 Beacons will be given away to people that fill the form in the first day. The other ones will be given away in hackathon and in the “Gifts will be given away to winners” session. Thank you Boni


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  • Free Android Training: Visit GDG booth and fill the form to have chance to win a free android training. Thank you Vektorel Bilisim



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