Android Developer Days will take place in Metu Cultural and Convention Center . Metu Cultural and Convention Center is in Metu Campus. Metu Campus is 7 km away from downtown, 45 km away from airport and 4 km away from bus terminal. There are all kind of transportation facilities(taxi, shared taxi, public transportation vehicle) in between downtown and Metu Campus.

Tel +90 312 210 4151
Fax +90 312 210 1008


Participants are assisted for accommodation, transportation and renting a car. Hotel reservations can be made or participants can stay at guesthouse with affordable prices.

METU GuestHouse
Tel +90 312 210 2890 – 2891 – 2892
Fax +90 312 210 1105 (Reservation Fax)

You can also try to stay these places.

Deeps Hostel
Ataç 2 Street No:46 Kizilay / Ankara
+ 90 312 213 63 38

Tedaş GuestHouse
Milli Kütüphane Karşısı, Bahçelievler, Ankara
Tel: +90 312 212 51 47 – +90 312 212 02 02

Karayolları Social Facilities
İstanbul Yolu Üzeri, Yenimahalle, Ankara
Tel: +90 312 415 80 35 / 36

Başkent Teacherage
Tel: +(90) 312 212 96 40(40 Hat)
Faks: +(90) 312 212 96 77

Hotel Reservations

Serenas, secretary of ADD, can arrange hotel reservations easily for you with the below prices. Tax and breakfast is included. Transportation between hotel and conference area is provided by ADD.

Please note that

  • All reservation requests should be made at least 15 days before the conference. After that date, there is no guarantee that a room can be reserved for you.
  • Hotel names will be announced in last 15 days.
  • If you want to share your room like a hostel, please let Serenas know. They will do their best to share your room with other guests. Serenas will give confirmation about arranging a shared room for you. If a shared room cannot be arranged for you, Serenas will let you know that at least 15 days prior to conference.

3* Hotel:

  • Single Room: 35 €
  • Double Room: 50 €
  • Triple Room:  65 €

4* Hotel:

  • Single Room : 65 €
  • Double Room: 85 €
  • Triple Room: 100 €

Contact Information

Serenas Tourism Congress and Organization Services
Turan Güneş Bul. 5. Cad. No: 13 06550 Yıldız, Çankaya / ANKARA
Tel : +90 312 440 50 11
Fax : +90 312 441 45 61


Venue is located in the Middle East Technical University. It is 20-25 min. with Minibus away from the city center (Kizilay). Minibus is a kind of small bus and it costs 2 TL to transfer from any location to target location. You can pay to the driver. You can stay in hotels located in Kizilay. There are many options for the hotels. Take a look at the for hotels located in Kizilay. You can also
stay in a hotel located in Middle East Technical University. You can always get help from Android Developer Days team for the travel and hotel info.



From Airport to KIZILAY (City Center)

There are only busses in order to go to the city center from airport. There are two options for the busses, we advise you Belko because it is easier for you go to Kizilay:

  • Belko

This bus departs in every 20 minutes from 06:20 to 23:40 every day (Saturday and Sunday included). Bus number is 442. Cost is 5.5 TL. You can pay to the bus driver. You should ask driver or a person to make you get off the bus in Kizilay. This link is the bus stop where you should get of the bus:


Belko bus
  • Havas

Here is a link for this bus. This bus departs every 30 minutes. There is always a bus for the flights. It costs 10 TL . You can pay in the bus. This bus doesn’t go to Kizilay, its final destination is AŞTİ (Ankara intercity coach terminal). So you should take metro to go to Kizilay. Tickets are sold in the AŞTİ metro station. Ticket for one ride costs 1.75 TL. There are tickets for 1,2,3,5,10 rides.


Havas bus

From KIZILAY to Venue

After transferring with BelkoAir Bus, you get off the bus in Kizilay. Then you should walk 4 minutes to the Minibus station. Below you can see the route that you need to walk from A to B:


You use the underground way to pass the road and then you reach the MiniBus Station. There are many MiniBuses. You should ask and find the Minibus that goes to ODTÜ (Turkish name of METU, Middle East Technical University). There is a security check in the entrance of the university. Only university students can enter the university. So you should say that you came for the Android Developer Days Conference. Then you should get off the minibus at ODTÜ KKM (name of the Venue).

From Venue to Kızılay

You can use the minibuses to go to Kizilay. You can get on the minibus from the bus stop in front of ODTÜ KKM. Cost is same.

From Kızılay to Airport

You can use the BelkoAir busses to go to Airport. You can get on the bus from the bus stop where you get off the bus when coming from the Airport. The same bus stop is used for going to and coming from the Airport. Cost is same. The busses depart in every 20 min. If you prefer to go to Airport with Havas, you should go to the AŞTİ using the metro from the Kizilay station.

Ankara Attractions

We have some subtitles about Ankara to guide you, just pick one up and enjoy!

I Love Nightlife

Bomonti –
You can talk with really good musics and great concept at Bomonti.

Hayal Kahvesi –
If you want to enjoy by dancing, Hayal Kahvesi is the best choice.
hayal kahvesi

I want to eat something that never forget taste!

Özçelik Aspava –
Just sit down at table and say that “sauce-onion”.

özçelik aspava

Bayram Usta Yaprak Kebap –
Bayram Chief’s yaprak kebap is really so much tasteful, you should try!
bayram usta

Nightlife is not for me, also I can always eat

Anıtkabir –
Do not forget to visit Atatürk’s Mausoleum when you come to Ankara.
Hamam Önü –
You will like Hamam Önü’ s good ambiance. You may find Bacchus and eat chicken with honey and mustard. Delicious!
hamam önü

I am still in Ankara on Sunday, let’s go to breakfast

Seyir –
Seyir Cafe is ideal for brunch with extensive breakfast varieties. It may be hard to find free place.
Papazın Bağı –
If you want to have breakfast in nature, here is the best for you.

ADD was so live, I need to have some rest in quiet place

Cafe Lins –
If you look for peaceful place with musics, You can visit Cafe Lins.
cafe lins
Cafemiz –
Cafemiz has very delicious meals and pretty good ambiance.

It is good to chat with my friends at beautiful cafe

Coffee Lab –
Coffee Lab is an ideal place to chat with different concept design.
Kocatepe Coffe House –ürkiye
If you want to taste Turkish Coffee while talking with friends, here is a good choice for you.

I do not want to leave from campus

These are very close to our venue so that just ask our team to get direction.
Arka Bahçe

First, I go to mall in every city

Cepa – Kentpark –
Ankamall –