Interview with Prajyot Mainkar


Next interview is done with Prajyot Mainkar by Aygul Zagidullina. Thank you very much Aygul for the interviews :)

Tell us a little bit about your average Android development day or your work day :)

Prajyot:Everyday starts with a coffee and writing few articles on androcid at home. The office is more like the android ecosystem where we eat:sleep:dream only about android. I plan my day in advance and the agenda & discussion points for the team is planned. Couple of standup meetings between the core hours pretty much plans the tasks for the team; and understands the progress of the projects. We follow scrum methodology. During the core working hours, i prefer to spend with the team doing code reviews or helping team members in their code-proceedings in case of any blocks. During the end-hours of the working day, i check if all the commits have been made for the day in the repository before the team members leave. Post that, i prefer to give a space for my personal experiments in android. Not to forget, the whole day pretty much has 4-5 cups of coffee consumption. Like they say, developers prefer to code over coffee :)

What would you say are the ingredients for a successful app?

Prajyot:As we all know the app market is growing at rapid place. The number of apps hitting the market are increasing every month but the major fact is that there are only a handful of apps that every person uses on a daily basis. What differentiates a successful app from an app is the is the great execution. Firstly, the problem solving execution. A simple question to answer would be: Does your app solve a problem that a greater number of people experience? It isn’t enough to just have a solution to the problem. You also must have a usable solution. Secondly, involve users in greater User Experience. You want to offer users a fantastic experience, especially if the app category is amongst the other serious competitors in the same. Building a UI that not just impresses Users for THAT moment, but re-calls the users to use the app again and again. Well, fantastic experience also means that the app should be tested well before the handovers. Thirdly, Early Teasers and feedback. Try to reach out to the test groups that will allow you to receive early feedback about the app before it hits play store. Don’t wait to promote the app when the app is on play store. Like the most of the successful apps do, try to promote the app way before they even hit the app store. It may be in the form of teaser videos or hinting users about what’s coming. The same thing even applies for app updates. Fourth, Strategy in Marketing. This is one of the most important aspect of successful app. One way to look at this is to divide your marketing strategy into 3 phases: pre-launch campaign, launch campaign and post-launch campaign. Many app developers also use social media as one of the key component for marketing as well. In short, there are several distribution channels for apps, its the one that you chose that might work best for your app, for your target audience.

What your talk at ADD this year will be about?

Prajyot:We spend our time in building apps but what if the app remains on a lone island without being discovered? This talk will discuss some of the latest trends and results of experiments that will help app developers to gain more visibility of their app.

There is a real problem: awesome apps stay undiscovered, and your talk will discuss the latest trends in gaining more visibility. With mobile ads coming to Google Play, how do you think this is going to change?

Prajyot:Mobile ads coming to Google Play will complement the discovery of the app. These ads will be made available to advertisers already running search ads on According to Google’s statistics of 100 billion+ searches each month, it will provide extra wing to developers & advertisers with improved content discovery and visibility.

You’re the GDG lead of one of the oldest and biggest Android developer communities in India. How does it feel to see global Android developer community grow so fast?

Prajyot:It’s truly awesome. It’s great to see how GDG has helped chapters to grow globally not just by volume and knowledge but also in connecting and bringing people on global stage. Kudos to GDG community, the community leads and efforts put by organizers to build such an amazing community.

What are you most looking forward to at ADD?

Prajyot:For a developer, there is no other place then being amongst awesome fellow developers, organizers and participants. ADD has it all. I wish to experience the synergy of AWESOME DEVELOPER DAYS at ADD.

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