Interview with Wiebe Elsinga


Next interview is done with Wiebe Elsinga by Aygul Zagidullina. Thank you very much Aygul for the interviews :)

Tell us a little bit about your average Android development day or your work day :)

Wiebe:I don’t think I have what you can call an “average” (work) day. Every day holds new challenges and/or different content. I’m at the office early so I can start designing and/or developing Android applications without to much distraction. I work at a small company that makes IOS and Android applications, mostly “Business to Business” applications. I love the challenges of translating user (and client) expectations into a well designed and running application. Besides my “day job” I’m also actively co-organizing a GDG (GDG Dutch Android User Group). Well, there is one consistent factor, I enjoy exploring all aspects of Android and sharing these adventures online/offline (as GDE/GDG).

What would you say are the ingredients for a successful app?

Wiebe:There is no golden rule in creating a successful app. It all depends on the functionality, audience, and the time (even money) you are willing to spend. But if I would need to give some tips: Focus, Analyze, Think and Add. If you want to know more, come to ADD and find out.

What your talk at ADD this year will be about?

Wiebe:These days a good application is not good enough anymore, is has to be great. My talk, called “Design a better (U)Xperience”, will (hopefully) give you some insight on how to improve your application design. I will also be explaining good and bad UX practice.

With your talk, you’re planning to inspire us to create not just functional but also beautiful Android apps. In your opinion, can every developer learn this or do we need a special talent for this?

Wiebe:Yes, there is always something you can learn or take away to improve your skills. But it’s not always best to want to do everything. Everybody has a natural skill set or passion. Some things you like, some you don’t. I’ve learned that you want to focus on what you like and what you are good at.

You were selected by Google as one of the Android GDEs. What your developer life was like since then: projects, conferences - we want to hear!

Wiebe:To be honest, not much. Before I became a GDE, I was already visiting conferences, sharing my experiences with people online/offline, and helping the community. And I think this is as it should be for all. It’s like a fellow GDE recently told me: “You are a GDE before you become one”. But I do had the chance to meet new people that have inspired me, like fellow GDEs, and had some great discussions along the way.

What are you most looking forward to at ADD?

Wiebe:That’s an easy one to answer, the people. This will be my second time at ADD, so I will be seeing some friends again and am hoping to make new ones. Also having great discussions, as there is so much talent Turkey. A conference is a good way to learn new technology, meet experts and just having a good time. And ADD delivers on all.

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